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Frontal Bone

Squamous portion forehead
Horizontal portion roof of orbits
Frontal eminence two bumps on squamous portion which mark the original center of ossification of bone
Superciliary arches brow ridges (found right above orbit)
Supraorbital notch (sometimes a foramen) notch or foramen found right above orbit
(metopic suture) – vertical suture between right and left halves – disappears in adulthood (usually)
Nasal spine prominent spine that juts out of the top of the nasal part (is where nasals articulate with frontal)
Zygomatic process portion of zygomatic process found on frontal bone
Superior temporal line found on side of frontal bone on ectocranial surface – starts at one point near edge of orbit and divides into a superior and inferior temporal line
Inferior temporal line found on side of frontal bone on ectocranial surface – starts at one point near edge of orbit and divides into a superior and inferior temporal line
Ethmoidal notch gap on underside of frontal that separates the two horizontal portions of the frontal (the roofs of the orbits)—the ethmoid articulates with the frontal here (fits inside)
Lacrimal fossa (for lacrimal gland) depression where lacrimal gland is. It is found on the ectocranial surface of the horizontal portion (roof of orbit), sort of near the side where the zygomatic process starts. Is NOT the little divits on the interior of the orbit, but rather the depres
Opening (ostium) of the frontal sinus this is located right under the nasal spine—it is a sort of opening in the frontal bone where it splits into two bones which surround the frontal sinus (cavity in frontal bone under the nasal spine)
Meningeal grooves (impressions from the anterior meningeal arteries) grooves from arteries found on the endocranial surface (very prominent, vein-like)
Sagittal sulcus (sulcus for the superior sagittal sinus) groove that runs down the midline of the endocranial surface behind the frontal crest (confluent with the posterior end of the frontal crest)
Frontal crest prominent projection on inside above nose that is confluent with the anterior end of the sagittal sulcus
Foramen cecum small foramen of varying size found at the root, or base, of the frontal crest – transmits a small vein from the frontal sinus to the superior sagital sinus
Arachnoid foveae (granular foveae) hole-like indentations near groove for superior sagittal sinus – thus, apparent near the coronal suture along the endocranial midline
Pars orbitalis (orbital plates) same as horizontal portion (basically) – forms orbit for eyes—endocranial surface is very bumpy as it conforms to the frontal portion of the brain, while ectocranial surface near eyes is very smooth
Created by: AdamJFLA