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Northeast Environment

What larger mountain range are the Green and Adirondack mountains part of? Appalachian Mountains
What caused the Appalachian Mountains to become small and rounded? Erosion, glaciers
A fir tree is an example of what type of tree? Needleleaf
An oak tree is an example of what type of tree? Broadleaf
What is part of an ocean or lake that cuts deeply into the land? Bay
What is a tree with long, thin needles that do not change color called? Needleleaf Tree
What type of tree looses its leaves in the fall? Broadleaf
What is the line where the hard rock of the mountains meet the softer rock of the plateau called? Fall Line
What forms along a fall line? Waterfall
What is a large moving sheet of ice? glacier
Name two ways that people in the Northeast earn a living? fishing, dairy farming, raising fruits and vegetables, work in factories
What type of factory did Samuel Slater start? textile factory
What is all the businesses that make one kind of product o provide one kind of service? industry
What is a job that people do to help other? Service job
What word means of the city? urban
What is a community near a city? suburban area
What is a city and its suburbs? metropolitan area
What are many metropolitan areas that overlap? megalopolis
What is the Megalopolis that starts in Boston, MA and continues to Washington, DC? Boswash
What is a group of people's language, history, and way of doing things called? culture
Where was the first stop for immigrants on the east coast? Ellis Island
Who were the first people to live in the Northeast? Native Americans (Iroquois)
After the Native Americans, who were the next to live in the Northeast? English
Name two festivals that occur in the Northeast? St. Patrick's Day, Oktoberfest, National Cherry Blossom, Mummers Parade, La Festa Italiana, Caribbean Festival
Where is the National Aquarium located? Baltimore, MD
Created by: jill.wehlander



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