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Science Volcano

Volcano 1 A mountain that forms when magma reaches the surface of the earth
Magma Rises because it is less dense than the solid rock around it
Volcanoes build Ocean floor Islands Mountains Plains Lakes
Volcano 2 Hole in the ground through which lava erupts Mountain that lava builds
Active volcano Erupting or has erupted since written records were kept
Dormant Active but is sleeping Expected to erupt in the future
Chocolate Comes from plants that grow best in volcanic soil Cocoa bean
Mauna Kea Earth's tallest mountain Not all is visible (about 33,000ft- some under ocean)
Mount Everest All is visible (about 29,000ft)
Vent Opening from which lava flows Dust, ash, and rock particles also thrown out
Crater Top of a volcano Funnel shaped pit Material explodes out of vent
Volcanic cone Pile of lava, dust, ashes, and rock around vent Found in different shapes
Created by: lniccolini