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Test Ch. 13-15


pertius, a, um skilled
posterus, a, um following
tantus, a, um so great, so much, so large
Perterreo, 2ere, terrui, territus scare thoroughly, alarm
Prehendo ere, hendi, hensus seize
relinquo, ere, reliqui, relictus leave (behind), abandon
ita so, in such a way, thus
paene almost
sic so, thus
talis such
tam so
tot so many
cliens, entis m client
consul, ulis m consul
ignis, is m. fire
maiores, um m. pl ancestors
opera, ae, f. work, effort
quies, etis f. rest
res, rei, f thing, matter, affair
spes, spei f. hope
aeger, aegra, aegrum sick
mortuus, a, um dead, having died
colidie daily
emo, ere, emi, emptus take, buy
incendo, ere, incendi, incensus set on fire, burn
reficio, ere, refeci, refectus repair
surgo, ere, surrexi, surrecturus rise
vivo, ere, vixi, victus live
exsilium, li n. exile
mercator, oris m. merchant
oculus, i m. eye
portus, us m. harbor
ratis, is f. raft
editus, a, um elevated
proprius, a, um (one's) own
colligo, ere, legi, lectus collect
doleo, 2ere, doliui, doliturus grieve
excipio, ere, excepi, exceptus recieve
fero, ferre, tuli, latus bear, carry
rumpo, ere, rupi, ruptus break
namque for
posteaquam after
recte rightly
satis enough, rather
clamor, oris m. shout
Forum, i n. marketplace, Forum (at Rome)
Mors, mortis f. death
vestis, is f. clothing
adsum, adesse, adfui, adfuturus be near, be present, come
discedo, ere, cessi, cessurus go away, depart
propero 1 hasten
contendo, ere, tendi, tenturus hasten
celeriter quickly
omitto, ere, omisi, let go, miss
otium, oti n. leisure
Created by: pickyvicky05