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Ecology P. 2

what is cellular respiration? its the process where they take food (glucose) and make it into cellular energy.
what is the equation for photosynthesis? carbon dioxide + water --------> (sunlight) glucose + oxygen
what is the equation for cellular respiration? glucose + oxygen ----------> (cells) carbon dioxide + water + usable energy
What is photosynthesis? photo synthesis is how plants take sunlight to make energy. this process usually happens in green plants.
What happens to the energy pyramid as more levels exist? the more levels that exist between the producers and the top-level consumers in an ecosystem, the less energy is left from the original amount provided by the producers.
what are producers? producers are organisms that carry out photosynthesis.
what are consumers? consumers are organisms that eat other organisms to obtain energy because they can not produce their own food.
what are decomposers? decomposers break down organic matter and release the nutrients in the organic matter back into the ecosystem.
how is an element different from a nutrient? an element is different from a nutrient because nutrients are combines elements.
what is a primary consumer? an organism that eats producers (for example: a caterpillar eats plants)
what is pollution? pollution is anything added to the environment that produces a condition that Is harmful to organisms.
what is habitat change? habitat change is when humans change a habitat for agriculture., forestry, and urban development.
what is over exploitation? over exploitation of a resource is using a resource faster than it can be replaced.
what is invasive species? it is a non-native species that causes harm to the ecosystem into which it has been introduced.
what is sustainability? its when ecosystems are healthy. it supports future generations.
what is Acid Rain? its any rain that has a PH of less than five.
what are the causes of acid rain? it causes the acidity of water and soil to increase, making it hard for the plant to survive.
what are the effects from acid rain? it melts the shells off creatures, takes waxy coating off leaves, and cause acidity in water and soil to increase.
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