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Forensic Science CSI

Review of 8th Grade Forensic Science

Who is the person that a bad thing happens to? Victim
Who is a person that is possibly guilty of a crime? Suspect
Who is a person that definitely did the crime? Perpetrator
Which observations are descriptive? Qualitative
Which observations are measures, amounts, numbers? Quanitative
What is another name for a dead body? Corpse
What is the order of a blowfly's life cycle Egg, larva, pupa, adult
What is the fly stage most like a cocoon? Pupa
What type of change creates a NEW product? Chemical
What type of change creates NO new products? Physical
In the ink lab, which molecules moved further up the paper (small or large?)? small
What are the 4 blood types? A,B,AB,O
In a solution, which goes into which? (solvent or solute?) Solute goes into solvent
What is science that has to do with crimes and legal issues? Forensic Science
What are the main types of fingerprints? Loops, Arches, and Whorls
What are the tiny differences in fingerprint ridges called? Minutiae
What are the raised lines that make up fingerprints called? Friction Ridges
What is the longest strongest leg bone called? Femur
What is the skull called? Cranium
What is the study of insects? Entomology
What are the fingers called? Phalanges
In a fingerprint, what is the minutiae that splits like a fork in the road? Bifuraction
Created by: greatsciteach