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coastal plains wet swampy grassy open area
why does the sun appear to move across the sky the earth is rotated around every 24 hr therefor one side is always in the dark
topography map it shows elevation
about how long does it take from one new moon to the next 1 month
what has the colrado river done to the colorado plateu formed the grand canyon
what 2 things do we need to know for a star map season and hemisphere
what are the 3 main layers of the earth crust mantle core
why do we have seasons the earth has an axis
constellations stars that make pictures
contour map shows elevations
elevation below or above sea level
craters divites on the moon made by astroids
what is latitude w to e lines on a globe on map
what is the thinnest part of the earth crust
hydrosphere water
atmosphere the air we breath
lithosphere solid part of the earth
what are the 4 main branches of earth sceince geology oceanography meterology astromy
how can you tell older moutains from new ones new moutains are jagged.old moutains are eroded so they are rounded off
what is lonitude lines that run n and s or anotherwards up and down
great plains wide open flat area with lots of wheat. good for growing crops
plateaus rasied area of faiarly flat land
interior plains extend from the apps. to the rockies
plains they cover 1/2 of the U.S.A.
equator 0 degrees lattitude
contour interval the difference in elevation from one contour line to the next
Created by: reedy24