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Ovid Heroides 1

matching phrases

tibi lento to you, slowpoke
ipse veni come yourself
vix tanti hardly worth that much
obrutus adulter destroyed playboy
non iacuissem frigida I wouldn't have lain here, cold
viduas manus widowed hands
Argolici rediere duces the Greek leaders have returned
altaria fumant the altars are smoking
hac ibat Simois here flowed the Simois river
Priami regia celsa the high palace of Priam
somno proditus betrayed by sleep
o nimium oblite tuorum you who have completely forgotten your family
murus quod fuit esse solum that which was a wall is now dirt
uni mihi Pergama restat Troy survives for me alone
Phrygio sanguine pinguis humus soil soaked with Trojan blood