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LAT 101 Midterm

Using Chapter 5 and 6

Invidia 1. Envy/Grudge/Jealousy, 2. Feminine, 3. First Declension
Populus 1. A people/The people/A Nation, 2. Masculine, 3. Second Declension
Romanus 1. Roman, 2. Masculine/Feminine/Nueter, 3. First/Second Declension
Cras 1. Tomorrow
Sustineo 1. To hold up/To Sustain/To Endure, 2. Second Conjugation
Periculum 1. Danger/Risk, 2. Neuter, 3. Second Declension
Igitur 1. Therefore, Then Consequently
Heri 1. Yesterday
Remaneo 1. To remain/To Stay, 2. Second Conjugation
Angustus 1. Narrow, 2. M/F/N, 3. 1st/2nd Dec.
Animus 1. Mind, Soul, Life force, 2. M, 3. 2nd Dec
Pecunia 1. Money, 2. F, 3. 1st Dec
First Conjugation Ending -are
Second Conjugation Ending -ere
First Declension Endings Singular: -a, -ae, -ae, -am, -ā, -a. Plural: -ae, -ārum, -īs, -ās, -īs, ae
Supero 1. Be above, Have the Upper Hand, Surpass, Overcome,Conquer, 2. 1st Conjugation
Iram 1. Ire, Anger, Wrath, 2. F, 3. 1st Dec
Tuus 1. Your, 2. M/F/N, 3. 1st/2nd Dec
Culpa 1. Fault, 2. F, 3. 1st Dec
Meus, Mea, Mei 1. My, 2. M/F/N, 2. 1st/2nd dec
Amicus 1. Friendly, Welcoming, 2. M/F/N, 1st/2nd Dec
Do, Da, Dare 1. To Give, 2. 2nd Conjugation
Venia 1. Kindness, Favor, Pardon, 2. F
Noster 1. Our, Ours, 2.M/F/N
Propter 1. On account of, Because of, 2. Prop + Abbl
Adulescentia 1. Youth, Youthfulness, 2. F
Mala 1. Bad, 2. N
Amabo Te 1. Please
Cura 1. Care, Attention, Anxiety, 2. F
Humanus 1. Pertaining to man, Human, Humane, Kind, Cultivated, 2. M/F/N
Supplicium 1. Punishment, Torture, 2. M
Satis 1. Enough, Sufficiently
Sanus 1. Sound, Healthy, Sane, 2. F
Si 1. If
Quando 1. When
Habebo 1. To Have/To Hold/To Posses, 2. Second Conjugation
Tum 1. Then, At that time
Consilium 1. Plan, Council, Judgement, N
Gloria 1. Glory, Fame, 2. M/F/N
Fama 1. Rumor, Report, Dame Reputation, 2 M/F/N
Maneo 1. To remain, stay, abide, continue, 2. 2nd Conj
Vir 1. Man, Hero, 2. M
Bonus 1. Good, Kind, 2. M/F/N
Asper 1. Rough, Harsh, 2. M/F/N
Verbum 1. Word, N
Poetarum 1. Poet, 2. M
Second Declensions Endings - Male Singular: -us, -i, -o, -um, -o, Plural: -i, -orum, -is, -os, -is
Second Declension Endings - Neuter Singular: -um, -i, -o, -um, -o, Plural: -a, -orum, -is, -a, -is
The verb: Sum 1. To be. Sing: Sum, Es, Est Plur: Sumus, Estis, Sunt. Infi: Esse
Future Tense Sing: -bō, -bis, -bit, Plur: -bimus, -bitis, -bunt
Imperfect Tense Sing: -bam, -bās, -bat, Plur: -bāmus, -bātis, -bant
Future Tense of Sum Sing: -Ero, Eris, Erit, Plur: Erimus, Eritis, Erunt
Imperfect Tense of Sum Sing: Eram, Eras, Erat, Eramus, Eratis, Erant
The Verb: Possum 1. I am able/I can. Sing: Possum, Potes, Potest, Plur: Possumus, Potestis, Possunt
Future Tense of Possum Sing: Potero, Poteris, Poterit, Plur: Poterimus, Poteritis, Poterunt
Imperfect Tense of Possum Sing: Poteram, Poteras, Poterat, Plur: Poteramus, Poteratis, Poterant
Dionysius 1. Dionysius, tyrant of Syracuse, 2. M
Tum 1. Ten, At that Time
Tyrannus 1. Absolute Ruler, Tyrant, M
Syracusae, -arum 1. Syracuse, F
Fortuna 1. Fortune, Luck, F
Gusto 1. To taste, Sample, 1st conj
Dues, Di 1. God, Deity, M
In 1. in, on, into, towards
Insidia 1. Ambush, Plot, F
Exitium 1. Destruction, Ruin, N
Salvus 1. Safe, Sound, MFN
Curam 1. Care, Attention, Caution, Anxiety, F
Perpetuus, -a, -um 1. Perpetual, Lasting, Continous, MFN
Multi 1. Much, Many, MFN
Patria 1. Fatherland, Nativeland, F
Tua, Tuus 1. Your
Delecto 1. Delight, Charm, Please,
Nunc 1. Now, At Present
Punici, Puncius 1. Punic, MFN
Belli 1. Bellus: Beauty, MFN or Bellum: War, N
Secundus 1. Second, MFN
Varius 1. Diverse, Different, Various
Plenus 1. Satisfied, Full, MFN
Graecus 1. Greek, FMN
Liber 1. Books, MFN
Statua 1. Statue, F
Pulcher 1. Beautiful, Noble, MFN
Sine 1. Without
Dea 1. Goddess, F
Caelo 1. To carve, engrave, embroider, 1st conj
Infirmus 1. Week, Feeble, MFN
Tolero 1. To bear, endure, tolerate, 1st Conj
Ubi 1. Where
Leges 1. Law, Bill, Agreement, F
Ibi 1. That place, there
Liber 1. Free/Unrestricted, M/F/N
Valeo 1. To be strong/health, 2. 2nd Conj