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chapter 5 and 6

appalachian mountains one of two major mountain chains in the eastern united states.
great plains vast grassland of central north america that is largely treeless and ascends to 4,000 feet above sea level.
canadian sheild a northern part of the interior lowlands that is a rocky, flat region.
rocky mountains a major mountain system of the united stated and canada.
contenental divide the line of the highest point in north america that marks the seperation between rivers flowing eastward and westward.
great lakes a group of five fresh water lakes of central north america between the united states and canada.
mackenzie river canadas longest river.
permafrost permanatly frozen ground
prevailling westerlies winds that blow from west to east
everglades a large subtropical swampland in Florida of about 4,000 square miles.
nomad a person with no permanate home.
beringia a bridge that was though connected what is now Siberia and Alaska.
st.lawrence seaway north america's most important deep water ship route.
lock a section of a water way with closed gates.
migration the movement of peoples in a reigon
columbian exchange the movemnet between plants animals and diseases between the eastern and western hemisphere
louisiana purchase the area including the reigon between the mississippi river
frontier the free open land in america west that was avilible for settlement.
suburb a politicial unit or community touching the borders of the central city.
representative democracy a government in which the people rule
export free enterprise a good that is sold from one economy to another
service industry any kind of economic activity that produces a service more than a product
postindustrial economy an economic phase in wich manufacturing plays no role of dominate
multinational a buisness that involves things world wide.
new england the six northern ststes in the northeast united states
megalopolis a reigon in southwest asia between the tigris
the midwest the region that contains the 12 of the north central united states.
the south region that covers about 1/4th land
metropolitan a functional area including a city
area land, space
the west north america region
land grants a portion of public land given by a government
diffusion the spread of ideas
chisholm trail the major cattle trail from san antonio texas through oklahoma to kansas
alamo the abandon mission the fort near san antonio
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