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Chapter 23 & 24

Mobility, Exercise and Activity

Atrophy A decrease in size or wasting away tissue
Base of Support The area on which an object rest. If the base of support is adequate, this will prevent the object from tipping.
Bed Cradle Is a metal frame placed around the bed and over the client
Body Alignment (Posture)The way the body parts are positioned
Body mechanics The movement of the body
Boney Prominences Area on the body where the underlying bone seems to "stick out" ei: shoulder blades, elbow
Centre of gravity The horizontal mid-point of a person's body
Contracture The lack of joint mobility caused by abnormal shortening of a muscle
Dangling Hanging
Decubitis Ulcer Pressure Ulcer - any injury caused by unrelieved pressure
Edema Swelling in the tissue caused by an accumulation of fluid
Friction The rubbing of one surface against another
Infraction The death of part or the whole of an organ that occurs when the artery carrying blood supply is obstructed
Immobilized The procedure of making a normally movable part of the body, such as a joint diseased
Kyphosis Curvature of spine
Paralysis Loss of muscle function
Prosthesis Artificial Limb
Scoliosis Sideways deviation of the spine
Sprain Injury to alignment over stretching
Strain Excessive use of a muscle
Abduction Moving a body part away from the midline of the body
Adduction Moving a body part toward the midline of the body
Ambulation The act of walking
Brace (Orthosis)An apparatus worn to support or align weak body parts
Deconditioning The loss of muscle strength from inactivity
Dorsiflexion Bending the toes and foot up at the ankle
Extension Straitening a body part
External Rotation Turing the joint outwards
Flexion Bending a body part
Footdrop (Plantar Flexion) the foot falls down at the ankle
Hyperextension Excessive straightening of a body part
Internal Rotation Turning the joint inward
Muscle Atrophy A decrease in size or a waste away of muscle
Orthosis A brace
Orthostatic Hypotension (Postural Hypotension)A drop in blood pressure when the client stands up
Plantar Flexion The foot is bent with toes pointed away from the legs
Pronation Turning downward
Range of Motion (ROM) moving a joint to the extent possible without causing pain
Rotation Turing the joint
Supination Turning upward
Syncope A brief loss of consciousness; fainting
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