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leaving cert biology

What a microscopic organism that belongs to the Protista Kingdom Amoeba
Where can you find Amoeba Mainly fresh water. Some in seawater
Is Amoeba unicellular or multi cellular Unicellular
True or False. Amoeba can carry out all the life processes of larger organisms True
What is the movement of the cytoplasm in Amoeba called Cytoplasmic flow
The cytoplasm in Amoeba consists of two layers, what are they called Ectoplasm and Endoplasm
Which layer consists of a clear firm substance Ectoplasm
Which layer is fluid like and can have a grainy texture due to food vacuoles and waste materials Endoplasm
What structure present in Amoeba secrete acids to kill prey and then enzymes to digest prey Food vacuoles
What allows Amoeba to move and engulf prey Pseudopodia
By what process does water enter Amoeba Osmosis
What do you call the organelle that collects the water Contractile vacuole
What do you call the process by which Amoeba controls the level of water Osmoregulation
During osmoregulation how does the water leave Amoeba Moves to membrane and bursts
Created by: gcu biology