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Biology 9 ecology 2

the second intro to ecology

What is mutualistic? When both organisms benefit from the relationship.
What is commensalistic? When only one organism benefits from the relationship.
What is population ecology? It is the study of groups within a species and how they live together in one geographic area.
What are the three stages of demographic transition? 1.birth rates > deaths rates 2.birth rates = death rates 3.birth rates < deaths rates
What is the relationship between population size and competition? The bigger the population the more competition there will be for resources.
What is the difference from legistic and exponential growth? Legistic: limited to the caring capacity (rhino) density dependent Exponential: proportionally (mosquito)density independent
Why do population in different countries grow at different rates. Birth rates, death rates and age structure
What kind of conditions might prevent a community to change back to its preserved state? Natural disasters, and man made disturbances
Would an intro to an extinct species be considered independent or depend density? It would be independent
What is niche? The role of an organism
What is limiting factors? What is keeping growth in check
What are some examples of limiting factors? Space,temperature,mates, and food.
How can a population increase? By birth and immigration
How can a population decrease ? By death and emigration
How does geography play a role in population ecology? It affects which and how many organism come in contact and who the organism will be in competition for mates,food,space, and ect.
What is a symbiosis ? Any relationship in which 2 species live closely together.
What is parasitism? Similar to predation, when one species lives on or causes harm to the significant other.
What is commensalism? When one species benefits while the other isn't affected. (A bird and a tree)
What is community ecology? Groups of different organism that live together and how they affect each other
What is ecosystem ecology? The study of all living and non living organisms interact within the entire ecosystem.
What is fecundity? How many offspring an individual can have in a lifetime.
What is caring capacity? The # of individuals an area can sustain with the resources available
What is density independent? When a cruel aspect changes enough that it makes it harder to get by.
What is density dependent? Factors that inhabit growth because of inviromental stress caused by population size.
What are some causes of plateau in legistic growth ? The caring capacity, they ran out of food or space.
How do you calculate the growth rate? You subtract the number of death from the number of birth rates and divide by the initial population size
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