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Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel Vocabulary Cards

Mica Crumb
Noverca Stepmother
Consilium Debate, discussion
Crustum Pastry, baked good
Cubiculum Bedroom
Lapillus Pebble
Parum Very little, insufficient
Avis Bird
Fames Hunger
Feles Cat
Frux Crop
Lignator One who collects firewood
Mel Honey, darling
Panis Bread
Callidus Crafty, sly
Timidus Timid, cowardly
Pauper Poor man
Quidam, quaedam, quoddam A certain thing
Quicumque Who, whatever
Quisque Anybody
Aliqui Some
Excitare To wake up
Alere To feed, nourish
Edere To eat, consume
Loqui To speak
Sistere To stop, check
Tingere To wet, moisten
Esurire To be hungry
Moriri To die
Vespere, vesperi Evening
Eheu! Alas!
Created by: 18barkea