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Renaissance Music

What does "Renaissance" mean? rebirth
What was the interest in self-awareness and self-assurance called? Individualism
What was the belief in the study of the humanities? Humanism
What is someone who sponsors an artist or musician? patron
During the Renaissance period, people shifted from studying what? religion
This invention enabled music to be mass produced. printing press
This allowed music to travel farther around the world. expansion of international trade
Non-religious music secular
Repeated rhythmic pattern isorhythm
music with more than 1 melody played at the same time polyphony
technique of writing music to reflect the meaning of the text word painting
What type of music was most instrumental music during this time period? dance
What 3 types of music grew during the Renaissance time period? secular, polyphonic, instrumental
vocal piece sung in the common language, usually about love madrigal
Composer who created imitation Josquin
Composer who introduced polyphony in church music Palestrina
Composer who first used secular melodies in his masses Dufay
Composer to first document using dynamics Gabrieli
Composer that added instrumental parts to choir music Gabrieli
What was unique about St. Mark's cathedral in Venice that Gabrieli used to his advantage? It had 2 choir lofts
Instrument that evolved into the modern trombone sacbut
wooden instrument with curved end crumhorn
instrument made of wooden box with a crank that pulled a bow across strings hurdy gurdy
instrument played similar to a modern cello viol
Created by: Rebekah_Hinton