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Latin Review

Latin Vocabulary

regina queen
stella star
silva forest
terra earth
unda wave
vita life
magistra teacher (female)
verb finder sentence Can I _____ ?
nomini Domini the name of the Lord
noun a person, place, or thing
What letter do simple nouns in Latin end? "a"
What is an English word that comes from a Latin root word? derivative
Name four months that have Latin numbers in them. September, October, November, December
List two derivatives for femina female and feminine
patria country
herba herb
fortuna luck
aqua water
cena dinner
corona crown
silva forest
mensa table
Gloria ___________, et ___________ et Spiritui Sancto. patri, filio
________ erat in principio et ___________ et ______________ et in saecula saeculorum. Amen Sicut, nunc, semper
one unus
two duo
three tres
four quattuor
five quinque
six sex
seven septem
eight octo
nine novem
ten decem
Deo Gratias Thanks be to God
mea culpa my fault
amicus friend
amici friends
Sedete sit down (to many)
Anno Domini (A.D.) In the year of our Lord
nauta sailor
Created by: misstreadway