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science ch 3

lesson 3

what are the fonctions of the digestive system diigestion, absorbtion, and elimination
digestion processes by which your body breaks down food intto small nutirient molecles
absorption processses by whick nurtient molecules pass through the wall of your digestive system into your blood
large intestine eliminates materials that are not absorbed
what is the role of thhe mouth, esophagus, and stomach mouth, esophagus, and stomach are organs in which mechanical digestion is completed and chemical digestion begins
mouth whe bitting info food chemical and mechanical digestion begin
slivia fluid realased byy slaviary glands when eating,
what does slivia contain a chemical that can break down starches into suggars aka enzymes
enzyme protien that speeds up chemical rreactions in the body
how are enzymes different each has a speffic sahpe that enables it to speed up only one reaction
esophagus musclar tunal that connects the mouth to the stomach,
epiglotis flat of tissue, seals off your windpipe and prevents food from going into the lungs
mucus makes food easier to digest, lines the stomach
peristalsis wabes of invoulentary muscle contracttions that push food towards the somach
stomach mostly mechnical some chemical, pouch in the abdomen
Created by: Ella!