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Biology - Unit 2

Chemistry of Life

The type of chemical bond that forms a water molecule (this is a strong bond) Covalent Bond
The type of chemical bond that can form BETWEEN water molecules (these are weak, temporary bonds) Hydrogen Bonds
Having an uneven distribution of electrons results in a ________ molecule Polar
Property of water where water molecules stick together because they form hydrogen bonds with each other Cohesion
Property of water where it sticks to hydrophilic surfaces because water forms hydrogen bonds with those surfaces Adhesion
Property of water that helps moderate temperatures in cells and in the environment High Specific Heat
Having the ability to absorb a lot of heat energy before the temperature rises High Specific Heat
Property of water that allows some mammals to cool down by sweating or panting High Heat of Vaporization
Having the ability to absorb heat energy in the process of changing from a liquid to a gas High Heat of Vaporization
A mixture where substances are evenly distributed Solution
Something that dissolves in a solution Solute
Substance in which the solute dissolves Solvent
A compound that produces hydrogen ions (H+) in solutions Acid
A compound that produces hydroxide ions (OH-) in solutions Base
Substances that prevent sudden changes in pH Buffers
pH range of 0-6 Acids
pH range of 8-14 Bases
Neutral pH 7
Which is a stronger acid, a solution with a pH of 1 or a solution with a pH of 6? pH 1
Which is a stronger base, a solution with a pH of 8 or a solution with a pH or 14? pH 14
How many valence electrons does Carbon have? 4
How many covalent bonds can Carbon form? 4
A process in which chemical bonds are broken and new bonds are formed is a ___________ ____________. Chemical Reaction
Elements or compounds entering into a chemical reaction are _______. Reactants
Elements or compounds produced by a chemical reaction are _______. Products
Energy needed to get a reaction started Activation Energy
Biological substance that lowers a reaction's activation energy Enzyme
Reactants of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction Substrates
Area of the enzyme that interacts with the substrate Active Site
An enzyme that has lost its functional shape is said to be Denatured