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Oxford Latin Ch 9

matching phrases

laeti eum per portas trahunt they happily drag him through the city
in arce ponunt they place (it) in the citadel
epulas faciunt they make feasts
multum vinum bibunt they drink much wine
nox adest it is night
dormiunt Troiani the Trojans sleep
ebrii sunt they are drunk
Graeci eos occidunt the Greeks kill them
portas celeriter aperiunt they open the gates quickly
Graeci qui in insula sunt the Greeks who are on the island
ad urbem Troiam redeunt they return to Troy
per portas festiant they hurry through the gates
vigiles Troianorum the watchmen of the Trojans
omnes in vias urbis currunt all run through the streets of the city
pauci Troianorum resistunt few of the Trojans resist
totam urbem capiunt they capture the entire city
regiam Priami occupant they occupy the palace of Priam
Priamum occidunt they kill Priam
filios eius occidunt they kill his sons
pauci evadunt few escape
tandem Troiam capiunt finally they capture Troy
urbem delent they destroy the city