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Nurse Aide

Body prominences the bone lies close to the skin
bruise common type of closed wound
closed wound type of wound in which the skin's surface is not broken
cellulitis infection of the skin that occurs when bacteria move deeper into the tissues
dermis inner layer of the skin
eczema variety of skin problems
epidermis outer layer of the skin,composed of dead cells
dermatitis inflamation of the skin
gangrene death of tissue caused infection or lack of blood flow
integument natural protective covering
lesion an area of abnormal tissue or an injury or wound
melanin pigment that gives skin its color
papules skin lesions that are raised , little round bumps on the skin
necrosis the death of living cells or tissues caused by disease or injury
Open wound skin that is not intact
pressure points areas of the body that bear much of its weight
pressure ulcer serious wound resulting from skin breakdown , also known as pressure sore, decubitus ulcer, or bed sore
psoriasis chronic skin condition caused by skin cells growing too quickly which results in red,white, or silver patches. itching or discomfort
scabies contagious skin infection caused by mites burrowing into the skin that results in pimple-like irritations, rashes, intense itching, and sores
shingles viral infection caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox , results in pain,itching, rashes, and possibly fever and chills
vesicles small blisters that contain fluid . can occur on skin or inside the mouth
sitz bath warm soak of the perineal area to clean perineal wounds and reduce inflammation and pain
tinea fungal infection that causes red, scaly patches to appear in a ring shape . generally, on the upper body , or the hands and feet
wart contagious hard bump caused by virus
pustules raised spots filled with pus, such as acne or infected boils.
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