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abr 1 and 2

medical abr

abd abdomen
abr absolute bedrest
ab lib as desired
adm admission
adl activities of daily living
afb acid-fast bacillus
afb acid-fast bacillus
aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome
aids acquired immune deficiency syndrome
aka above knee amputation
aka above knee amputation
al assisted living
al assisted living
am morning
amb ambulatory
amt amount
ap apical
approx. approximately
arom active range of motion
asap as soon as possible
as tol as tolerated
ax axillary
bid two times a day
bka below knee amputation
bld blood
bm bowl movement
bp blood pressure
br bed rest
brp bathroom privileges
bs blood sugar
bsc bedside commode
c (dash above c) with
C cintigrade
CA cancer
cath catheter
cbc complete blood count
cbr complete bed rest
cc cubic centimeter
ccu coronary care unit
cdc centers for disease control
chf congestive heart failure
cl liq clear liquid
cms circulation, motion, sensation
cna certified nursing assistant
cns central nervous system
c/o complains of, in care
copd chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder
cpr cardiopulmonary resuscitation
cva cerebrovascular accident, stroke
cvs cardiovascular system
dat diet as tolerated
dm diabetes mellitus
dnr do not resusciatate
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