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Chinese 1 Lesson 2

HPC Chinese 1 2015

belong to someone
照片 picture
爸爸 daddy
妈妈 mom
general measure word
孩子 child
姐姐 older sister
弟弟 younger brother
儿子 son
女儿 daughter
家jiā home
几jǐ how many
口kǒu measure word for persons
哥哥gēge older brother
两liǎng two
妹妹mèimei younger sister
和hé and
做zuò to do
工作gōngzuò job
律师lǜshī lawyer
医 生 Yī Shēnɡ doctor
厨 师 Chú Shī chef
警 察Jǐnɡ Chá policeman
消 防 员Xiāo Fánɡ Yuán firefighter
服 务 员Fú Wù Yuán waiter
邮 递 员 Yóu Dì Yuán postman
演 员 Yǎn Yuán actor
清 洁 工Qīnɡ Jié Gōnɡ cleaner
歌 手Gē Shǒu singer
奶 奶Nǎi Nɑi father's mother
姥 姥 Lǎo Lɑo mother's mother
姥 爷 Lǎo Yé mother's father
爷 爷Yé Ye father's father
伯 伯Bó Bo father's older brother
叔 叔Shū Shu father's younger brother
姑 姑Gū Gu father's sister
舅 舅Jiù Jiu mother's brothers
阿 姨 ā Yí mother's sisters
Created by: Fenglaoshi
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