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Land Animals test 2

Land Animals Lesson 3 and 4

India has the largest percent of tigers
what is a group of Lions called pride
the Viverridae family live mostly in trees
Cheetahs can run 70 miles per hour
Available prey determines the lynx population
another name for the meerkat is suricate
the smallest bear on earth is the sun bear
bears are hunted for fur, gall bladders, and pituitary glands
a polar bear can swim well
a bear makes a popping noise as a warning
cheetah's don't have retractable claws
the two places mongooses have been introduced and caused trouble was Hawaii and West Indies
An animal that is not considered prey is called Apex predator
a cat's extra sense organ is it's whiskers
a bear will stand on its hind legs to smell the air and try to get a better look
Name the three North America cats Canada Lynx, Cougar, and Bobcat
The teddy bear was the inspiration of a black bear and a certain president
Only male raccoons live alone
the word "raccoon" is from a Native American word "arakum" which means "he scratches with his hands."
Polar Bears have Black skin
Bears experience dormancy instead of hibernation
A panda's main color is white
A bear's strongest send is its smell
Bears are mostly vegetarians
Bears prefer to live alone
Sea Otters eat seaweed
Pelts, in early history of the United States were very valuable
A hyena's womb is what causes problems with birthing
Bengal Tigers have the worst reputation for eating people
Bobcats are often called "wildcats"
Tigers enjoying swimming
Cheetah's are know for their "tear-stain" markings
Meerkats are animals that live in colonies
A female lion's "childhood" affects her job as an adult
Asiatic lions are lions that live in India
Black Panthers are really leopards
Tigers can kill elephants
an aardwolf's favorite food is termites
Created by: calbright