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Geography Study of the Earth’s features
Map Symbols Symbol that stands for something real on Earth.
Map Key A box on a map in which map symbols are explained Also called a map legend
Distance Scale Use to measure the distance from one place to another
Elevation Height of something that is elevated
Bar Graph Graph that uses bars of different length to stand for amounts or numbers of things
Pictograph Graph that uses pictures or symbols to stand for the numbers of things
Circle Graph Graph that show how the part of something relates to the whole
Line Graph Graph that uses points connected by lines
Compass Rose Drawing on map that shows the cardinal directions to help people use the map
Cardinal Directions Main directions north, south, east, and west
Intermediate Directions Directions northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest
Grid Point where two lines meet, or cross, on a map
Climate Average weather for a particular region
Precipitation Amount of rain, hail, snow, or sleet deposited in a certain region
Vegetation Process of vegetating or growing as a plant does
Urban Relating to a city area
Suburban Small community that is close to a city
Rural Away from cities
Migration Movements of large groups of people from one place to another.
Timeline Drawing that shows when and in what order events took place
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