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heat and energy

What is conduction? two solids rubbing together
Where can you find warm air in your home in the winter? on the ceiling
Does warm air rise or fall? rise
If you pack ice cubes around a bowl of Jello or brand a cow, what is that an example of? conduction
What type of heat do we get from the sun? radiation
Heat is ________________ through space when it travels from the sun to the earth. radiated
Where does the earth get heat from? the sun
A metal cup heating up when hot water is poured into it is an example of ____________. heat conduction
Boiling water is an example of ________________. heat covection
The poorest insulator is the __________________. coldest material used
Which one is the poorest insulator, steel wool or newspaper? Why? steel wool because it is the coldest material
What insulators are the best? the warmest in minutes
Is newspaper or popcorn a better insulator? newspaper
What are six forms of energy? 1. chemical 2. electromagnetic 3. mechanical 4. nuclear 5. thermal 6. radiant
What is radiation? rubbing one surface against another
What are the two states of energy? potential and kinetic
What is potential energy? energy at rest
What is kinetic energy? energy in motion
What is radiation? transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves
What kind of energy is a blacksmith feeling heat from his forge? radiation
What kind of energy goes through empty space? radiation
What kind of energy is used when a marshmallow gets browned when it is held above the fire? radiation
What is convection? movement that transfers within fluids
What are two examples of convection? gas and water
Created by: jennamcarthur