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Weather and Climate

What is the Green House effect? It is the natural warming of the earth that is needed to sustain life
What is global warming? The unatural warming if the earth which is bad for the planet
Transitional Climate Zones between the arid and more humid climate Zones are called? Semi-Arid Zones
The direction that winds usually blow from in a given place are known as? Prevailing winds
What country experienced more tornadoes than any other in the world? United States
The measurement of heat is called? Temperature
Areas of tropical grasslands, scattered trees and shrubs are called? Savannas
About how much of the sun's rays penetrate the atmosphere? 1/2
The amount of pressure that atmosphere (or air) puts on a person or thing is called? Atmospheric Pressure
What is the amount of water vapor in the air called? Humidity
what is caused when air is heated, causing anything from slight breezes to violent storms? Cyclones
Which of the following cause unstable air masses leading to storms? Low Pressure systems
What are small water particles that form clouds rain and storms called? wator vapor
With the orogaraphic effect, which side of the mountain range receives a large amount of moisture, or rain and snow fall? Windward Side
Areas in the tropics usually receive what kind of storms caused by weather? Hurricanes/Typhoons
The climate zone that is most heavily influenced by ocean currents are called Marine West Coast Climate
With the orogaraphic effect, which side of the mountain range is dry and receives a small amount of rain fall? leeward side
What is the process by which water changes from liquid to a gas called? Ecaporation
Dry areas that receive little or no rain fall are called? Arid Climate Zones
Climate Zones that exists along costal areas of southern Europe and along costal continents with cool ocean currents are called? Mediterranean Climate
Created by: Coach Hilton