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Junior Cert Science

What is the term given to the protection, preservation, and careful use of our natural resources Conservation
What is the term given to the adding of unwanted wastes to the environment, causing damage to it Pollution
Land, sea, rivers and all the plants and animals that live on them are together known as what Natural Resources
What are the three main types of pollution Air, Soil and Water
What are some cause of air pollution Smoke, dust and harmful gases
Where does the air pollutants come from Cars, buses, factories
Smoke contains tiny particles of what Soot
Why is soot dangerous for plants Slows down photosynthesis
When fossil fuels are burned, what gases are released Carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide
When carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide dissolves in rain water what is formed Carbonic acid and sulfuric acid
When carbonic acid and sulfuric acid are present in rain what is it known as Acid rain
Why is acid rain harmful Affects soil pH and plant growth
True or False, acid rain eats away the stonework of buildings True
What cause soil pollution Pesticides, fertilisers and acid rain
What are pesticides Chemicals used to kill weeds and unwanted insects
What are the effects of acid rain Makes soil more acidic which affects plant growth and animals that live in soil
If plant growth is affected what are the consequences All food chains begin with green plants so it will affect organisms the whole way through food chain
What are the causes of water pollution Fertilisers, sewage, oil and detergents
When fertilisers soak into rivers and lakes it causes a green scum like growth on the surface, what is this called Algae
What are the effects of an algal bloom Blocks light from plants below and they die
If the plants below the surface of an algal bloom die what happens Bacteria feed on dead leaves and use up oxygen in water which in turn kill water animals
Name a few examples of waste materials Household, sewage, industrial, medical and nuclear
Name a few methods of waste disposal Landfill, incineration, or dumping at sea
Which waste disposal method results in sulfur dioxide and other toxic gases being released in air Incineration
Which waste disposal method results in the seepage of toxic materials into ground water Landfill
Which waste disposal method is dumped at sea Nuclear
Name some wastes that can be recycled Paper, plastic, glass and some metals
Created by: gcu science
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