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DLS G9 Latin pg 330

DLS Latin 2015 pg 330 Vocab

cor, cordis (n) heart
cornū, -ūs (n) horn; wing (of an army)
curnsus, -ūs (m) running, course
domus, -ūs (f) home
impedīmentum, -ī (n) hindrance
manus, -ūs (f) hand; band (of men)
mīlia, -ium (n) plural only) thousands
passus, -ūs (m) pace
salūs, salūtis (f) health, welfare, safety, salvation
ūsus, -ūs (m) use, usefulness, advantage; habit, practice
doceō, ēre, -uī, doctum teach, inform
rogō, -āre, -āvī, -ātum ask, ask for
Mīlia (info) a noun, it cannot modify a noun as the adjective mille does, but must be used with a Paritive Genitive.
Passus (info) pace, was a measure of distance. There were five feet to a pace and a thousand paces to a mile.
Salūtem alicui dō (info) means I greet someone.
Created by: ka1usg