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Ulysses Vocabulary 2

Ulysses Vocabulary Cards Section 2

Fama Reputation, fame
Fortuna Luck, fate
Iniuria Injury, injustice
Mora Delay
Gladius Sword
Membrum Member, limb
Lignum Wood
Poculum Cup, bowl
Somnus Sleep
Discrimen Crisis, division
Occasio Occasion, chance
Ovis Sheep
Pecus Cattle, herd, flock
Ratio Account, plan, rule
Rupes Cliff, rock
Sedes Seat, home
Introitus Entrance, invasion
Hesternus Of yesterday
Terribilis Terrible, frightful
Arbitor To witness, observe
Complere To fill up, occupy space
Bibere To drink, toast
Desisto To stop, cease
Edere To eat, consume
Frango To break, crush
Munio To fortify, strengthen
Orior To arise, emerge
Antea Before
Antequam Before, sooner than
Nondum Not yet
Quin Why not, without
Temere Rashly, blindly
Vehementer Vigorously
Created by: 18barkea