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the atmosphere

the atmosphere in motion

Why does air have pressure? Air has pressure because it has weight.
Nam three solid particles that can be found in the atmosphere? The three solid particles that can be found in the amosphere are pollen, dust, and salt.
Starting at earths surface, what are the five layers of the atmosphere? The five layers of the atmosphere are troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermoaphere, and exosphere.
What are four processes that are part of the water cycle? evaporation,transpiration,precipitation and condensation are the four processes that are part of the water cycle.
How is earths surface heated? Then earth is heated when the suns rays reach earth and energy is absorbed. When the molecules absorb more energy they move faster and farhter apart when they move fast the temperature is high.
What happens when water vapor rises and cools? The amount of moisture that can be evaporated into it increases.
How is temperature related to air and pressure? When air is heated its molecules move faster which creates lower pressure. When air is cooled its molecules slow down which creates more pressure. when the is warm it causes water to evaporate more quickly. cooler air doset evaporate.
What causes wind? Wind is caused when air moves from high pressure areas to low pressure areas.
Describe how a air mass forms and how its characteristics are deterined? air mass that remains over a regionfor a few days acquires the characteristics of the area over which it occurs. air masses ae a clump of air that sticks together and is moved by wind.
describe the formation of a cold front? when a cold air mass advances and pushes under warm air masss the warm air is forced to rise.
What kind of weather occurs along a stationary front. cloudiness ad precipitation
what causes lighting when air uplifts rapidly electric charges form.
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