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Beer cattle

Well-turned top Rounded over the top; not flat
Trimness Freedom from excess finish
Finish Fat on an animal
Symmetry Balance of animal parts
Type Combination of characteristics which make an animal most useful for a specific purpose
Soundness Having a correct skeletal structure; may also refer to ability to reproduce
Growthiness Having good size and weight for age of animal
Scale Size of the animal as determined by skeletal structure
Ruggedness Quality of having large bones and frame
Broodiness Characteristics which indicate female will be a good mother; femininity
Sex characteristics Traits distinguishing females from males
Crossbreeding Mating an animal of one breed to an animal of another breed
Polled Naturally without horns
Crest Part of the topline of a beef animal where the neck joins the body; secondary male sex characteristic
Switch Lower part of tail consisting of long hair
Lean Muscle without the fat
Reproductive efficiency Ability of an animal to produce offspring
Selection differential Difference between a trait of a particular animal and the average of all the animals from which it was chosen
Heritability Percentage of differences in a trait that can be explained by inheritance as opposed to environment
Yield grade Numerical indicator of cutability which is defined as the percent of closely trimmed, boneless meat from the round, loin, rib and chuck
Quality grade Evaluation of the tenderness and flavor of the meat
Marbling Fat dispersed within the meat
Scrotum Nut Sac
Cod Part of scrotum left on a steer after castration
Twist Area between rear quarters
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