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Ovid Amores 1.9

matching phrases

militat omnis amans Every lover serves as a soldier
turpe senex miles Disgraceful [is] an old man as a soldier
pervigilant ambo; terrā requiescit uterque Both keep watch at night; each rests on the ground;
ille fores dominae servat, at ille ducis One guards his mistress' door, the other his general's
militis officium longa est via The duty of the soldier is the long road
strenuus exempto fine sequetur amans The vigorous lover will follow with boundary removed
hic portas frangit, at ille fores one breaks down gates, the other doors
nempe maritorum somnis utuntur amantes Certainly lovers use the sleep of husbands
Mars dubius nec certa Venus Mars is doubtful nor is Venus certain
ipse ego segnis eram I myself was lazy
inde vides agilem nocturnaque bella gerentem Then you see me agile and waging nocturnal war
qui nolet fieri desidiosus, amet He who does not want to become idle, let him love