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Chapter 6 7th grade

Stucture and Movement

All the bones in your body is your ________? skeletal system
The ________ gives you shape and support for your body. skeleton
_____ protect your internal organs Bones
Major _______ are attached to bone and help them move. muscles
_____ _____ are formed in the center of many bones in soft tissue called red marrow. Blood cells
Major quantities of _______ and ____________ compounds are stored in the skeleton for later use. calcium, phosphorous
A tight fitting that protects a living bone is __________. periosteum
A smooth, slippery thick layer of bone protector tissue is _________. cartilage
Anyplace where two or more bones come together is a _____. joint
The bones held together at a joint is a ________. ligament
When you cannot move a joint it is considered an _________ _____. immovable joint
When you can move a joint it is considered a _______ _____. movable joint
Ball-and-socket, hinge, gliding,and pivot and are all types of _____. joint
Ball- and-socket joints sit in a____________. Cup-like cavity
Hinge joints are like a ____. door
Gliding joints _______. is where one bone slides over another
Pivot joints ______ have one bone immobile while the other bone moves side-to-side on the 1st bone
If your cartilage where to wear away your bones would _______. rub away
This disease is the most common joint problem disease. Arthritis
A ______ is an organ that can relax, contract, and provide force to move your body parts. muscle
____ _____ are muscles that you control. voluntary muscles
_______ ____ are muscles that you can't control. involuntary muscles
Muscles that move bones are _____ _____ skeletal muscles
_______ holds muscles to bones. tendons
_____ _____ can be found in the heart. cardiac muscles
_____ ____ are found in your intestines, bladder, blood vessels, and other organs. smooth muscles
The ______ is the outer, thinnest layer of your skin. epidermis
Cells in the epidermis produce the chemical _______. melnin
The _______ is the layer of cells directly below the epidermis dermis
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