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Study Guide for What Makes You, You?

This is the way traits, such as hair and eye color, are passed on from one generation to the next. heredity
This is the field of science that studies how these traits are passed on. genetics
Studied the heredity of pea plants. Gregor Mendel
These are the traits that you are born with, such as your eye color. inherited traits
These are traits that you have learned, such as learning how to read. acquired traits
This gene is the stronger gene. dominant gene
A dominant gene is stronger and will always win when combined with this gene. recessive gene
You can use this to help figure out the odds of two parents passing on particular genes to their children. punnett square
Understanding the genetic makeup of humans can help scientists to develop new ___________ to fight diseases. medicines
Crimes have been solved by identifying criminals using their ________ from small samples of hair, skin, or fluid. DNA
The FBI has opened a national __________ of genetic information to help law enforcement keep track of and find criminals. database
Genetics helps farmers increase the production of _______________to meet the demands of the world’s growing population. food crops
This is a code of how a living thing is put together and found in all cells. DNA
The transfer of traits from one generation to the next. genes
These are your children. offspring
Offspring receive _____ gene from their mom. one
Offspring receive _____ gene from their dad. one
Created by: CarlaPhelps