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Properties of Matter

6th grade Science, Properties and Changes of Matter

Anything that has mass and takes up space. Matter
The temperature at which a solid changes to a liquid. Melting point
The new substance produced in a chemical reaction. Product
The mass of the products of a chemical reaction _____ the mass of the reactants. Equals
Is mass a physical or chemical property? Mass is a physical property.
Where is plasma found? Plasma is found in lightning and stars.
What type of particles move fast and far apart? Gas particles
What type of particles move slow and are packed together tightly? Solid particles
When baking soda reacts with acid to form salt, is that a physical or chemical property? Chemical property
Is density a physical or chemical property? Physical property
Is a ice cube melting an example of a physical or chemical property? Physical property
A substance chemically becomes something different in a ____ property. Chemical
Titanium reacts less with oxygen than most metals do. Is this a physical or chemical property? Chemical
Flammable would be a warning referring to a _____ property of a material. Chemical
Describing the color of magnesium would be a _____ property. Physical
The ability of a substance to combine with or change into another substance is a _____ property. Chemical
Rust forming is an example of a _____ change. Chemical
What are the signs that indicate a chemical change is occurring when you mix baking soda and vinegar? Production of bubbles, formation of gas
In this state atoms slide past each other so doing a line dance would also be an example of this state of matter. Liquid
Flammability is an example of a _____ property. Chemical
A cake baking is an example of a _____ property. Chemical
As temperature increases do the particles move slower or faster? Faster
Explain the movement of particles when condensation occurs. As gas cools, its particles slow down. When particles move slowly enough for their attractions to bring them together, droplets of liquid form. Energy is released as a gas condenses.
If a scientist had a solid block sample and a powder sample and he/she put it into a beaker of water, which one would cause a reaction at a faster rate? Powder
Created by: blakelyk