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Chowgarh Tiger Words

Chowgard Tiger Vocabulary

peddler somebody who travels from place to place selling goods
aquiver quivering, especially from excitement or agitation
tumultously noisily
ravine a narrow steep-sided valley commonly eroded by running water
latter Being like second mentioned of two
twittering to chatter or giggle in an overexcited or nervous way
coursing circulating
flora especially all the plants found in a particular country
riot chaos
importunities the fact of being troublesomely demanding or insistent
congealed change rigid to soft to solidified by cooling
alluded to refer casually or indirectly
ridge chain if hills or mountain
precipitious extremely steep
fetid having and offensive odor
loath unwilling
bazaars a market place or shopping quarter
trigger the lever that activates a gun
hampered to hold back
vermin small wild animals that carry disease and destroy crops
straggling to walk slowly
at large (idiom) free from restraint or confinement
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