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Globe a circular show of the world.
map the world on a flat surface.
meteorologist study's the earth's atmosphere.
geologist study's the history and structure of the earth.
seismologist a person that study's earthquakes .
volcanologist A person which study volcano's
vortex The middle of a tornado.
Hurricane one big differnce is that a hurricane is a big cloud with a big atracuation of heat tropical tempertures.
tornado A tornado is a rotating column of air that forms a thunder storm.
eye the middle of the hurricane.
funnel cloud a rapidly rotating funnel shaped cloud.
cyclone a large scale for weather
typhoon a violent storm .
water vapor is when the tempertur is below boiling and the water goes up and makes a cloud
greenhouse gasses is a carbon dioxide,methane together
isobar a line on a map conecting points that dont have the same temertures
isotherns a line on a map conecting point that have the same tempertures
stable air mass top of an layer of air
unstable air mass lowest of an layer of air
air mass body of air
weather is a temperture you rate
climate is how hot or cold something is
convection when air rises as it get colder
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