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Ecology 1 + 2

Junior Cert Science

What is the term given to the study of living things and their environment Ecology
What is the name given to everything that surrounds an animal or plant Environment
What do you call a place where an animal or plant lives Habitat
Name two types of habitat Woodlland and seashore
What is the term used to describe how animals and plants in a habitat depend on each other for food, shelter and pollination Interdependence
What do you call something that shows how organisms are linked by what they eat Food chain
Where does the energy that transfers through the food chain come from Sun
What do you call organisms that make their own food Producers
What name is given to all other organisms other than green plants Consumers
What do you call organisms that feed on dead animals and plants Decomposers
What do you call the position an organism has on a food chain Feeding level
What do you call a number of interconnected food chains Food web
What do you call animals that have a backbone Vertebrates
What do you call animals that do not have a backbone Invertebrates
What is the first stage of carrying out a study of a habitat Draw a simple map
What should be included on the map Direction of North, scale and legend
Name some environmental factors that can be measured when studying a habitat Temperature and light intensity
What do you call the instrument with two rubber tubes that sucks up insects Pooter
What do you call the piece of equipment that is swept through long grass or hedges to collect insects Sweep net
What do you call the equipment that includes a white sheet and stick Beating tray
What do you call the piece of equipment that is buried in the ground and has some alcohol at the bottom Pitfall trap
How are plant samples collected In bags and location labelled
How would you identify plants or animals found in a habitat Reference books or Simple Keys
What do you call a piece of equipment used to estimate the number of plants present in a habitat Quadrat
How is a quadrat used Thrown at random and plants counted
What do you call the piece of equipment used to show changes in plant numbers across a boundary Line transect
How would you use a line transect Tie line between two stakes and record the name of plants under the knots
What do you call it when organisms seek a resource in scarce supply Competition
What do plants compete for Light, water, minerals and space
What do animals compete for Food, shelter, territory and mates
Name an adaptation of a dandelion Long root
Name an adaptation of a hedgehog Colour for camouflage and spikes for protection
Name an adaptation of fish Gills to breathe underwater
Created by: gcu science
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