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ROTHMC Vocab 4,5,6

ROTHMC vocab Ch. 4,5,6

Pact a formal agreement
Listless lacking of energy or spirt
Expound explain or state
Prevail common or widespread
Feign pretend
Emphatic showing or speaking with forceful expression
Vex to bring trouble or worry
Patronize to give money as a customer
Warily done very cautiously
Wheedle to persuade someone to do something by flattery
Teeming to become filled to overflowing
Clabber sour milk that has thickened or curdled
Humiliate to be put to shame
Retaliate to get revenge against someone
Maleovent productive of harm or evil
Falter to move unsteadily or be hesitant in speaking
Audible loud enough to hear
Nattily neat, trimmed, stylish
Aloofness emotionally distant
Moping sad or under the weather
Reprimand severe criticism or scoulding
Reverently very respectfully
Spindly long, thin, weakly made
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