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Ecology Vocabulary


What is Tolerance? The ability to survive and reproduce under a range of environmental circumstances.
What is a habitat? The general pace where an organism lives.
What is a niche? How an organism interacts with biotic and abiotic factors.
What is a resource? Any necessity of life.
What is the competitive exclusion principle? It means that no two species can occupy exactly the same niche in exactly the same habitat at exactly the same time.
What is predation? When one animal captures and feeds on another animal.
What is herbivory? When an animal feeds on producers (plants)
What is a keystone species? A singe species
What is symbiosis? A relationship in which two species live closely together.
What is mutualism? A relationship in which two species benefit.
What is parasitism? When an organism lives inside or on another organism and harms it.
What is commenalism? A relationship in which one organism benefits and the other organism is neither helped or harmed.
What is ecological succession? A series of more or less predictable changes that occur in a community over time.
What is primary succession? Succession that begins in an area with no remnants of an older community.
What is a pioneer species? The first species to colonize in barren areas
What is secondary succession? When a disturbance affects the community without completely disturbing it.
What is weather? Weather is the day to day conditions of Earth's atmosphere.
What is climate? The average state of temperature and precipitation over long periods of time.
What are microclimates? Environmental conditions that very over small distances.
What is the greenhouse effect? The atmosphere trapping in heat.
What is a canopy? Tall trees that form a dense, leafy covering
What is an understory? Shorter trees and vines under the canopy
What is deciduous? A plant that sheds its leaves in a particular season.
What is humus? A material formed from decaying leaves and other organic matter.
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