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reading life

chapter 1-5

nonchalantly without enthusiasm could care less
mundane ordinary nothing special
exasperated irritated or angry
inventive originally thinking
passionate intense emtion strong feeling
quaint charm ; old sense of fashion
yearned intense feeling of longing for something
vital very important
qratifying pleasure
rugged roughly broken
commitment a promise to do something ; an act devotion
stark plain
quaint charm old sense of old fashion
currency a system of money in general use in a particular country.
tangible something that can be touch or held
buoyant cheerful
unfocused not concentrating
essentials really necessary
circumstance fact or event that occur
fascinating very interesting
sturdy long lasting
transcript a document showing completed courses and grades
syllabus document showing events you will be doing in class.shows what you need and your requirements
DSS place were people with special needs go for extra help as in learning disability or visual problem.
certificate document about facts proves successful program
default to not meet obligations
pre-requisite a course that must be completes before another
GPA total quality points divided by total credits hours
degree evaluation an analysis of complete course work to confirm success
FAFSA the form students complete to apply for finical aid
transferred to move from one location to another , like college credits
major the focus area of studies, in preparation for a career.
disqualified not approved for
text the book(s) required for a course
academic advisor one who courses students through their studies
developmental courses designed to support students skill deficiencies
commencement ceremony at the end of ones studies start of next phase
financial aid Monies to help students complete their program
accommodation adjustment it help student with special needs
Associate's degree a 2 years degree often associate with career path
application a document requesting
congenital present from birth
mangroves a tree or group of trees
causeway a road or path
respiration the act of breathing
egress to leave a location
rotors blades of the helicopter
respiratory therapist specializing in lungs and breathing
oblivious not aware or concern
isolette a device used to house small infants in hospital settings
neonatal a care of the newborn
destitude not having; poor conditions
persevered continuing something not giving up
accelerated development or progress
conscientious principles/ shows great responsibilities in dutie
complexity quality of being complex
neurosurgery brain surgery
mentor someone wise or trusted
scrounge to seek to fins, sometimes by begging or stealing
frugally to spend resources ( money) with care , not overusing
remote far apart
felon a person convicted of a crime
adjoining something connected to something else , usually bedside
ricochet a bounce of a bullet after hitting a solid surfaces
ordeal an experience that was difficult or painful
valor courage showing bravery
contraband illegal substances or materials
mindset The set of someone attitude a way of thinking
forthcoming setting a plan or goal for something in the future
recuperated got better or heal
retrospect looking backwards , thinking about the past
daunting very default , challenging
procession a group moving forward in a straight line
laceration cut or incision on ones skin
maneuvered to move or get by careful planning and action
audacious bold or daring, especial plan
intolerable not able to be endured
gritty dirty or hazardous
consiousness state being awake and able to think
wrenched to open by force, esp with a twisting motion
assaulted in this context , confronted by , as in noise or heat
holistic dealing with the big picture, not small components
terminal `deadly; no cure
sweltering uncomfortable hot vary warm
declined to refuse to turn down
forlorn lonely or sad just miserable
perseverance continuing toward a goal in spite of hardship
funk fell into a state of depression
perspective different point of view
steward the person in charge, for instance , of money
imprinted stamp left a mark basically creating a lasting effect or lesson
concise brief and to the point
attire dress certain type of way
prospective expecting something to happen in the future
Competent capable or able to do something
incessantly constantly not stopping
embellish to improve by exaggerating or adding details ( untrue)
initiative the act of taking the first step or stating something
lament to feel sorry about or mourn
endeavor to make a real effort or attempt to do something
qualification any skills or ability that is necessary for a job
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