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Drug Classifications

Suffixes and Prefixes

cef- Cephalosporins(antibiotics)
ceph- Cephalosporins(anitbiotics)
rifa- Antituberculars
sulf- Sulfonamides (antibiotics)
-actone Potassium-sparing diuretics
-ane General anesthetics
-ase Thrombolytics (clot-busters)
-azole Antifungals
-azosin Alpha blockers (adrenergic antagonists)
-barbital Barbituartes (sedative-hypnotics)
-caine Local anesthetics
-calci Calcium & vitamin D supplements
-ciclovir Antivirals
-curium Neuromuscular blockers
-curonium Neuromuscular blockers
-cycline Tetracyclines (antibiotics)
-dipine Calcium channel blockers
-dronate Biphosphonates
-ergot- Ergotamines (anti-migraine)
-floxacin Fluoroquinolones (antibiotics)
-lam Benzodiazepines (anxiolytics)
-lol Beta blockers (adrenergic antagonists)
-lone Corticosteroids (anti-inflammatory)
-micin Aminoglycosides (antibiotics)
-mycin Aminoglycosides/Macrolides (antibiotics)
-navir HIV/AIDS antivirals
-pam Benzodiazepines (anxiolytics)
-prazole Proton pump inhibitors (anti-ulcer)
-pril ACE inhibitors (anithypertensives)
-profen NSAIDS (anti-inflammatory)
-quine Antiparastics
-sartan Angiotensin-II receptor antagonists
-setron 5-HT3 receptors antagonists (antiemetics)
-sone Corticosteriods (anti-inflammatory)
-stigmine Cholinergics
-stine Antineoplastics (anti-tumor)
-terol Bronchodilators
-thiazide Potassium-losing diuretics
-tidine H2 receptor antagonists (anti-ulcer)
-triptan Anti-migraines
-triptyline Tricyclics (antidepressants)
-vastatin Antilipemics (anti-cholesterol)
-vir Antivirals
-vudine HIV/AIDS antivirals
-zine Phenothiazines (antipsychotics, antiemetics)
-zoline Nasal decongestants
Anticoagulants Inhibit clotting of blood
Antianginals Increase blood flow to the heart
Antiarrhythmics Regulate the heart rate
Antihypertensives Control high blood pressure
Antilipidemics Lower abnormal blood lipid levels
Antiplatelets Inhibit platelet aggregation
Cardiotonics Strengthen the contraction of the heart
Diuretics Reduce edema and increase urine output
Hemostatics Promote clotting of blood
Hypnotics, Sedatives (Beuzodiazepines) Relieves anxiety, reduce activity, and promote sleep
Stimulants Increase mental alertness and function
Tricyclic antidepressants Relieve depression
Selective serotonin reputake inhibitors (SSRIs) Relieve depression
Anxiolytics Relieve anxiety
Antipsychotics Relieve psychotic sympstoms
Antihistamines Reduce congestion and allergic reactions
Muscle relaxants Control muscle spasms and tension
Narcotics (opioids) Relieve moderate to severe pain
Non-narcotics (nonopioids) Relieve mild pain
Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Reduce inflammation and pain
Alzheimer disease drugs Slow progression of disease
Antiepileptics (anticonvolsants) Control epileptics seizures and tremors
Antitussives Relieve cough
Bronchodilators and expectorants Relieve obstruction of air passages
Adrenal hormones All hormones act to regulate body growth, functions, and metabolism
Pancreatic hormone Reduces blood glucose
Hypoglycemics Reduce blood glucose
Antacids Neutralize stomach acids
Antisecretories Decrease gastric acid secretion
Anticholinergics Reduce spasms and secretions of stomach
Antidiarrheals Reduce bowel irritability and movements
Antiemetics Relieve nausea and control vomiting
Cathartics, laxatives Promote bowel movements
Stool Softeners Add water or bulk to stool and aid defecaton
Antibiotics Inhibit the growth of or kill microorganisms
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