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Science chapter 3

lesson 1

Why do you need food food provides body w/ materials to grow and repair tissues, and provides energy for daily activites
Calorie amount of energy needed to raise temperature of 1 gram of water by 1 degree celcius
1 Calorie 1000 calories
1 Carbohydrate 4 calories
1 Fat 9 calories
What nutrients do you need carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and water
Nutrient substances in food that provide the raw materials and energy that body needs to carryout essential processes
Carbohydrates major source of energy made of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen. -provides raw materials to make cell parts
Simple Carbohydrates called sugars, contain glucose, different sugars convert foods into glucose
Glucose major source of energy for body cells
Complex Carbohydrates Starch and Fiber, body breaks down starches to sugars so their energy can be released, fiber doesn't break down
Fats energy containing nutrients composed of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen -forms in cell membrane,-protects organs&insloataes body
Unsaturated Fats liquid at room tempature, the healthiest out of the three, cooking oils
Saturated Fats solid at room temperature, meats
Trans Fats made by adding hydrogen to vege oil
Cholesterol waxy, fatlike substance found in products from animals
Protiens nutrients that contain nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen, needed for growth and tissue repair
Amino Acids small inked units, in protien
Complete Proteins have essential amnio acids such as meats, fish, eggs
Incomplete Proteins don't have all essential amino acids such as plants
Vitamins act as helper molecules in your body's chemical reactions
Fat-Soluble Vitamins dissolve in fat, stored in fatty tissues in body: a,d,e,k
Water-Soluble Vitamins dissolve in water, not stored in body: c,b12,b2,b
Minerals nutrients that are not made by living things needed to carry out chemical processes.
Water most important nutrient b/c all body's vital processes take place in it, regulates body temperature, and removes wastes
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