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What are two types of drugs used for sleep disorders Benzodiazepines and non-benzodiazepines
What are hypnotics Any drug that helps patients sleep
What do Benzodiazepines drugs do Relieve insomnia, decrease wakening at night, relieve anxiety, relax muscle spams, help with moderate sedation
What do Non-Benzodiazepines do help with the short term treatment of insomnia
What do drugs in the Benzodiazpines usually end with "pam" Ex. temazepam, diazepam, lorazpam, Flurazpam
What enhances the inhibitor effects of GABA Benzodiazepines
What are side effects of Benzodiazpines Drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, anxiety, tolerance over weeks, withdraw. Monitor older adults for paradoxical reaction
What is a paradoxical reaction One that makes adverse reactions to the drug
What are interventions for Benzodiazpines Oversee nighttime ambulation especially for older adults, watch for signs of toxicity (weakness, slurred speech, ataxia, uncoordinated muscle movements
When do patients take Benzodiazpines as a hypnotic 30 mins before bedtime and orally and make sure that they get 8 hours of sleep
What are contradictions of benzodiazpines pregnancy, glaucoma, children under 18
What are precautions of benzodiazpines renal or hepatic impairment, suicidal, alcohol dependent, neuromuscular disorders, chronic respiratory disorders, sleep apnea
When should you not give a patient benzodiazpines taking current CNS depressants, should not intake kava kava or valerian. Cimeidine and smoking
What is the prototype drug for Non-benzodiazpines Zolpidem (ambien)
What do Non-benzodiazpines do enhance the inhibitory effects of GABA
What are side affects of Non- Benozdiazpines Daytime drowsiness, headache, anxiety, dizziness, dipolipa, confusion of older adults. Amnesia( ambulation, eating, driving)
What are interventions of Non- benozdiazpines monitor patients for adverse affects, take precautions to prevent falls, monitor for decrease in dose in amnesia occurs
What is the administration of non- benozdiapines oral is immediate or extended release, spray allows direct absorption through nasal mucous, just before bedtime and ensure 8 hours of sleep, empty stomach for full affect
What are contraindications of non-benozdiapines children under 18, suicidal, labor and delivery
What are precautions of non-benozdiapines older adults, prone to substance abuse, history of depression, chronic respiratory disorders, sleep apnea, Hepatic or renal dysfunction
Created by: spilkington11