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Personality Disorder

Psych E3

Cluster A Paranoid, Schizoid, Schizotypal) odd or eccentric
Paranoid Suspicious of motives, excessive need for being self-sufficient, don't confide, misinterprets compliments, guarded, lack sensitivity, preoccupied with trustworthiness
Schizoid Featured detachment from social relationships & a restricted range of emotions
Schizotypal Severe form of schizoid
Cluster B Antisocial, Borderline, Narcissistic, Histrionic (Dramatic, Emotional, Erratic, Manipulative)
Histrionic Theatrical, life of party, crave excitement; fake, fish for compliments, seductive
Narcissistic Self love, boastful, need to be admired, think are superior, don't want flaws revealed, exploit to meet own needs, sense of entitlement, lack sensitivity
Antisocial No remorse, manipulate for profit, irresponsible (mafia type) appears calm and charming, lie, impulsive
Borderline Mood swings, stormy relationships, rage, impulsive, risky behaviors, see as black and white, splitting
Splitting See someone as loving and nurturing then cruel and rejecting
Cluster C Avoidant, Dependent, OCD, Avoidant (Anxious or Fearful)
Avoidant Socially withdrawn, avoid activities b/c fear of criticism, low self-esteem, don't take promotions, quiet
Dependent Excessive need to be taken care of, submissive, difficulty making decisions
Obsessive-Compulsive High need for control, makes lists, hoards, superior attitude, don't take time off
Created by: TedMed