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EatingDx Sub.Abuse

Psych E3

Substance Abuse Continued use despite related problems
Addiction Pscyhosocial behaviors r/t substance dependence
Withdrawal Symptoms Result from biological need that develops when body becomes adapted to having drug in system
Tolerance With continued use, more of substance is needed to produce same effect
Substance Dependence Severe condition, usually considered disease
Dual Diagnosis Co-existence of substance abuse and psychiatric disorder
Detoxification Process of helping one safely through withdrawal
Enabler Person who supports someone maintaining addiction
Flashbacks Transient recurrences in perceptual disturbance r/t earlier hallucinogenic drug experience when person is in a drug-free state
Antagonistic Effect Combo of drugs that weaken/inhibit effect of another drug
Synergistic Effects When drugs taken together intensify or prolong effect of either or both drugs
Co-Dependency People who have become dysfunctional as result of living in committed relationship with OH dependent person
Blackout Amnesia from drinking period
Wernicke's Disease Caused by lack of thiamine, ataxia, abnormal eye movements, confusion
Alcohol Encephalopathy Wernicke's Disease
Korsakoff's Syndrome Confusion, loss of recent memory, confabulation
Speedballing Mixed with heroin and injected IV (30-60s)
Space-basing Smoking crack cocaine sprinkled with PCP (terror & violence)
Freebasing Smoking granules of pure cocaine in H20 pipe or Rum pipe
Amotivational Syndrome R/t long term use; preoccupation with use, lethargy, apathy, social/personal deterioration
Hero Often oldest child; becomes competent caretaker and works on making family function
Scapegoat Acts out
Lost Child Tries to avoid conflict and pain by withdrawing physically and emotionally
Mascot Often youngest; tries to ease family tension with comic relif used to mask sadness
Bulimia Nervosa Excessive calorie intake (binging) followed by purging
Binge Eating Impaired control behaviors; eating rapid, large amounts until uncomfortably full
Night Eating Syndrome Can't be cured by will power and eating episodes hidden
Anorexia Intense drive for thinness, severe dieting, extreme weight loss, starvation; compulsively resists eating
Restrictive Type Doesn't regularly engage in eating or purging
Binge/Purge Type Engages in binging and purging via diuretics, enemas, vomiting, ipecac
Purging Type Bulimia Self-induced vomiting and laxative/diuretic use
Nonpurging Type Bulimia Fasts or uses excessive exercise
Created by: TedMed