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Ch 4 Science

What happens when cool,damp air approaches a mountain range? water vapor in the air condenses and forms rain
Why do sea breezes form? land heats faster than water
Which of these can cause an area to have a mild climate? being near a body of water
Which side of the mountain tends to dry leeward
What caused the major features of Tennessee's landscape? Plate Tectonics
How do we measure the magnitude of an Earthquake? The Richter Scale
What is melted rock that reaches the Earth's surface? lava
What device detects and measures Earthquakes' waves? seismometer
The average weather in a place is called what? climate
Underwater earthquakes of great magnitude can create what? Tsunamis
The measure of the weight of air pressing down on an area is called what? air pressure
What is the air pressure at the top of a mountain like? lower than the air pressure at the bottom
What is a natural feature that can slowly affect Earth's surface? A flowing river
What is a rain shadow? the dry area on the leeward side of a mountain
During an El Nino, what are the temperatures near the coast of Peru like? warmer than usual
How are folded mountains produced? when Earth's plates are pushed into each other
What is the dry area on the leeward side of a mountain? rain shadow
The crust and the top part of the mantle make up what? lithosphere
Earth's surface layer is the what? crust
What layer of Earth's interiors lies just below the crust? mantle
The plate tectonics model states that Earth's crust is composed of what? huge plated of solid rock that fit together
What is a fault? A large crack in Earth's crust
What do huge slabs of rock moving suddenly against each other in Earth's crust create? Earthquake
What is an opening in Earth's crust through which magma flows? volcano
Created by: melanieedwards