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Formative Assessment 5

Lead and support one teacher teaches while the other teacher circulates giving assistance (one teach one assist)
Station teaching individually planned content delivered separately by each teacher. Midway through class they switch
Parallel teaching joint planning, two groups content delivered consistent
Alternative teaching joint planning, equal content knowledge, but one teaches large group while the other teaches small group
Team teaching joint planning and both teachers deliver instruction at one
Inclusion A philosophy in which students are thought to receive the best education in a general education setting with accommodations provided to help them be successful
Accommodation allows a student to complete the same tasks as other students by allowing certain changes to be made in order for the student to complete the task. CONTENT does not change, only delivery and/or response.
Modification adjustment to a task that changes the standard or what is being measured by task. CONTENT can change
Instructional Technology using technology to improve efficienty and effectiveness of instruction
Assistive technology any technology or tool that assists student/person in performing tasks. Can be simple or complex
Created by: jmatney85
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