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Queen 2

5th Yr Music

Name the key of Main song v1? B flat major
Name some melodic V1? Repeated notes, step mvt
Name some harmonic features? Uses the progression- 1-6-2-5-1 ( creates a circle of 5ths)
Name some accomp features? broken chords, descending chrom bass line, guitar glissando, backbeat drumming.
What type of cadence do we hear after 'as if nothing really matters' Plagal
Name some differences betwen V1 and V2? Drums play from beginning of V2, backing vocals enter creating countermelody, vocals more gritty 'face the truth' and elec guitar added here too, word paiting bell tree,
How is a guitar orchestra created at guitar interlude? Guitar part overdubbed
Name some guitar features of interlude? Glissando, power chords, bends, vibrato.
Name some melodic features of interlude? descending step mV, running ascending scales
Name some rhythmic features of interlude? sextuplets, unusual demi-semiquaver met
Name some accomp features of interlude? descending chromatic bass line
What chord progressions are used in interlude? 1-5-6-2-5seven-1-6-2-5 (based on circle of 5ths again)
What abrupt key change occurs at end of interlude? Changes to A major for operatic section( uses an added d flat which becomes a c sharp in next bar) enharmonic change
Name key of operatic section? A major
How many bars of an intro before operatic section and what do they consist of? 2 bars, piano block chords using staccato (tonic chord of A major)
Name some melodic features? chromatic mvt, leap of a 4th, bell like effect achieved on 'Magnifico'each voice sings a note and holds it while the others add in another note, falls in 3rd, creating cm7 chord.
Name a compositional technique used? Antiphony- question and answer dialogue- on 'Galileo", emphasised by panning on the same words.
Name some vocal techniques used? Falsetto- artificial high register of a mans voice.
What key change occurs in operatic section? E flat
How are the words 'no' depicted? Emphatic rising staccato notes accomp by crash cymbal.
How does the rhythm change in prep for rock section? Triplets ( previously used quavers)also use of power chords from bar 92 on
How is the dramatic mood created? Italian words- mamma mia etc, high pitched vocals- falsetto, powerful choruS- multitrack vocal parts create rich texture, antiphony, alternate between low voice and high voice to emulate struggle with bismillah (devil)bell like effect on magnifico etc
Which chord contains a bell like effect on the word "go"/oh F sharp 7.
Created by: goneill
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