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Slope, Speed, Acc.

You know the average speed of a trip. You also have a distance versus time graph of the trip. Which gives you more information about the trip-- the speed or the graph? Explain your answer. The graph because you can get the average speed, instantaneous speed, distance traveled time, time it took, and times you stopped
What is the slope of a distance vs. time graph equal to? Speed
What is the slope of a speed vs. time graph equal to? Acceleration
What's the difference between average speed and instantaneous speed? Explain and give a real-life example. Average speed: Total distance divided by total time Instantaneous speed: Speed you have at a specific point on the journey On an out-of-state trip, your instantaneous speed is the speed at a particular point in time
Does the speedometer of a car give you the average speed or the instantaneous speed of the car? Explain. Instantaneous speed because it only shows the speed at a particular instant in time. It changes from one instant to the next.
What is the acceleration of a car that is going at a steady speed of 60 mph? 0 m/hr2 if the car doesn't turn
Does a car accelerate when it goes around a corner at a steady speed? Explain your answer. Yes a change in direction is acceleration
What is the difference between acceleration and speed? Speed is distance over time. Acceleration is how much your speed changes over time
What is the difference between speed and velocity? Velocity tells you the speed and direction. Speed tells you how fast you are going over a certain distance
Cruise control? Zero acceleration
Applying brakes on a truck? Deceleration
Dropping a ball from a roof? Acceleration (due to gravity)
A motorcycle parked in a parking lot? Zero acceleration
A car turning a sharp corner? Acceleration
Why do we calculate slope on a distance vs. time graph? It shows you the amount of distance you cover in a certain amount of time (speed)
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